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Fuji Soba "Tempura Soba, Large portion". Cheap restaurant chain in Japan

Japan's Fuji Soba is a soba noodle chain with outlets in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa prefectures.

Order "Beni Ginger Ten Soba (540 yen)" and "Large portion (140 yen).

Simple in appearance and hearty in volume, it is topped with red ginger tempura, wakame seaweed, and green onion.

The soba noodles are hot, chewy, and moderately crunchy, and the flavor of the soba noodles and sauce is addictive and nostalgic.

The red ginger tempura is a little crispy, and the crunchy texture and refreshing taste of the red ginger is addictive.

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Saizeriya "Crispy Potatoes (French Fries)". Popular Japanese Restaurants

Saizeriya is a popular family restaurant in Japan with inexpensive, delicious, and Italian menu items.

This time, we will investigate the take-out menu "Crispy Potatoes, W Size (480 yen)".

These potatoes are grilled slowly with olive oil.

Reference: Saizeriya official website

When opened, it is full of grilled potatoes cut into squares.

When you eat them, they are a little crispy and hunky, and since they are almost unseasoned, you can feel the true flavor of the potatoes.

They are very filling and have a nice flavor from the olive oil.

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Cheap set meals at Marugame Udon. Delicious Udon Restaurant in Japan

Marugame Udon offers a variety of attractive menu items such as kake, bukkake, shoyu, colander, kamatama, kama-age, and curry udon.

This time, we will order the set menu "Chicken Meal Set Meal (580 yen)" to investigate the actual meal.

The udon noodles are served cold with a choice of kake, bukkake, or zaru (colander).

The chicken rice set meal (290 yen) and bukkake udon (360 yen) cost a total of 650 yen, which is a savings of 70 yen.

The "Chicken Rice Set Meal" is a simple combination of chicken rice and cold bukkake udon noodles.

When you eat the udon, it is cold, smooth, and has a firm texture.

It is chewy, with a good taste of the ingredients, and goes down your throat nicely.

The chicken rice is warm and has a reassuring taste with dashi broth.

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The "Red Shoulder Roast Steak" at "Ikinari Steak". Cheap steak restaurant in Japan

Starting January 27, 2023, Ikinari Steak will begin selling a test and store-only menu item, "Red Meat! Shoulder Roast Steak" is now on sale.

Originating from Australia, this steak features delicious lean meat raised on grain feed for more than 100 days after being grass-fed.

The menu includes 150g (1000 yen), 200g (1280 yen), 300g (1750 yen), and 450g (2290 yen).

Reference: Ikinari Steak official website

Red meat! I order the "Shoulder Loin Steak, 300g (1,750 yen).

The 300g Australian shoulder steak is topped with garlic paste.

The shoulder steak is meaty and chewy, with a light beefy flavor.

It is seasoned with salt and black pepper.

Some parts are a little tender, but there are many hard parts that are hard to chew through.

The 300g Australian shoulder steak is topped with garlic paste.

The shoulder steak is meaty and chewy, with a light beefy flavor.

It is seasoned with salt and black pepper.

Some parts are a little tender, but there are many hard parts that are hard to chew through.

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Nakau "Charcoal-grilled Oyakodon". Cheap and delicious restaurants in Japan

On January 26, 2023, Nakau launched a new product, Charcoal-grilled Oyakodon.

Nakau's flagship product, "Oyakodon," chicken is charcoal-grilled to create a fragrant umami flavor, making it even more flavorful.

Source: Nakau official website

I will order "charcoal-grilled oyakodon, large serving (660 yen)".

Bincho charcoal-grilled chicken thighs are combined with carefully selected eggs and onions.

The charcoal-grilled fragrant flavor of the tender chicken is irresistible.

The melt-in-your-mouth eggs are sweet and salty, and the crispy texture of the onions is an accent.

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Marugame Udon"Ankake udon with meat and egg". Popular new products in Japan

On January 24, 2023, Japan's "Marugame Udon" started selling a new product "Nikugasane Tamagoankake Udon".

It's a bowl of springy udon noodles, slightly sweetened beef and egg sauce, and minced minced chicken and pork seasoned with ginger.

Source: Marugame Udon Official Website

"Nikugasane Tamagoankake Udon・namimori (690 yen)" will be ordered.

It is made with fresh udon noodles, egg sauce, beef, and soboro.

When you eat udon, it has a springy and chewy texture, and you can feel the umami of the ingredients.

The mildly flavored egg ankake is often entwined, and the sweetness of the tender beef is addictive.

Soboro is salty-sweet and ginger is effective.

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Matsuya "Green onion salted pork yakiniku bowl, small serving ($4.3)". Japanese restaurant

From January 17, 2023, Matsuya in Japan has started selling "small servings" of the popular menu "Negi Negi Shio Pork Yakiniku Don".

Source: Matsuya official website

I ordered "Green onion salted pork yakiniku bowl, small serving (560 yen)".

Green onions are placed on top of pork yakiniku, and topped with green onions, yuzu, sesame oil, and other negi sauce.

When you eat it, the crunchy texture of the green onion is impressive, and the thin pork yakiniku is just the right amount of softness and fragrant.

The green onion salt sauce with sesame oil stimulates your appetite, and the yuzu flavor accents the texture and fragrant umami.

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McDonald's new menu "McFlurry Koeda ($3)". Crunchy chocolate ice cream

From January 25, 2023, McDonald's in Japan has started selling a new menu "McFleury Twig".

A cool sweet made by mixing short-cut “twigs” and two types of chocolate sauce with smooth soft serve ice cream.

Source: McDonald's official website

I took out "McFlurry Koeda (350 yen)".

When you eat it, the crunchy and crisp texture of "Koeda" is impressive, and you can feel the flavor of chocolate and almonds.

The rich soft serve ice cream is smooth and melty, and the creamy richness is addictive.

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Yoshinoya "Beef plate set meal" is cheap and delicious. Popular restaurant in Japan

I will order the standard menu "Beef plate set meal (624 yen)" at Yoshinoya in Japan.

Extra rice and refills for set meals are free for 24 hours.

A combination of beef plate, raw egg, miso soup and rice.

The gyu-zara is a product exclusively for the gyu-don ingredients that Yoshinoya has been selling along with the gyu-don since its founding.

When you eat the beef, you will be addicted to the soft meat, the familiar taste of the special sauce, and the sweetness of the fat.

It is filling with rice, and goes well with raw eggs.

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The gyoza set meal at "Gyoza no Ohsho" is exquisite, popular store in Japan

"Gyoza no Ohsho" has an attractive menu, so it's hard to decide what to order.

This time, we will order the set menu "Gyoza set meal (891 yen)" and "Change to garlic-free ginger gyoza (free)" and check the actual taste.

Garlic zero ginger gyoza uses about twice as much ginger as regular gyoza and does not use garlic at all.

A combination of garlic-free ginger gyoza dumplings for 2 people (12 pieces), rice, soup, and kimchi.

When you eat garlic-free ginger gyoza, the surface is crispy and crunchy.

Even without using garlic, there is enough satisfaction as gyoza.

Combined with rice, it's a delicious meal that stimulates your appetite.

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McDonald's Japan, a new product that eats and compares two types of nuggets

From January 18, 2023, McDonald's in Japan has started selling the night Mac menu `` Eat Compare Potenage '' for a limited time from 17:00.

It is a great value set with the usual "Potenage" and the limited time menu "Spicy Chicken McNugget Black Pepper Garlic" released on the same day.

Source McDonald's official website

The "Tabekurabe Potenage Large (600 yen)" is a set of 1 McFly Potato (L), 5 pieces of Chicken McNuggets, and 5 pieces of Spicy Chicken McNuggets, which is 30% off compared to the total price of a single item.

It looks irresistible for those who like McDonald's.

When you eat Chicken McNuggets, you will want to eat several pieces as they are, with a crispy, fragrant and familiar taste.

Spicy Chicken McNuggets are crispy and juicy, and the black pepper is often used for a stimulating spiciness.
“Koku Umami Black Garlic Sauce” is irresistible with the addictive black garlic, the flavor of black pepper, and the rich taste of tamari soy sauce.

"Yamitsuki Umakara Cheese Sauce" has an impressive mellowness of cheese and a sourness similar to mayonnaise, and the scent of spices spreads, giving you a sense of commitment.

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Japanese Starbucks New Dessert "Fondant Chocolat Frappuccino"

On January 18, 2023, Starbucks in Japan released a new product "Fondant Chocolat Frappuccino".

Frappuccino where you can enjoy the flavor of gateau chocolate, which is a blend of dark mocha powder, milk, and ice in the original gateau chocolate.

The size is tall size only, and the price is 678 yen for takeout and 690 yen for store.

The sales period is from January 18, 2023 to February 14, 2023.

Source Starbucks Coffee Official Site

I took out "Fondant Chocolat Frappuccino".

A frappuccino made with gateau chocolate, dark mocha powder, milk, ice, baked chocolate sauce, whipped cream, gateau chocolate crumbs, etc.

Whipped cream has a light texture and richness, and goes well with moist gateau chocolate crumbs.

If you drink it with a paper straw, it will be cool and crunchy, and the baked chocolate sauce at the bottom of the cup will give you a rich flavor.

The dark mocha powder and milk give it a nice aftertaste and an elegant feel.

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