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Marugame Seimen] Tried the new menu item that combines freshly-boiled udon noodles with pork broth in a rich miso broth!

On November 29, 2022, "Sanuki Kamage Udon Marugame Seimen" started selling a limited time menu "Oretachi no Pork Jiru Udon".

The key ingredient is a special miso broth that has been carefully selected and blended to give it richness, sweetness, and umami.

The richness, sweetness, and rich aroma of the miso combined with the flavor of the many vegetables and pork is a must-try.

Gochujang (red pepper paste) and oyster sauce are added as secret ingredients to give it a rich and deep flavor, and white pepper is added as a finishing touch to tighten the taste and enhance the deliciousness.

The menu includes "Oretachi no Tonjiru Udon, ordinary (790 yen)" and "Oretachi no Nirabata Tonjiru Udon, ordinary (890 yen)".

Reference: Marugame Seimen official website

We will order "Oretachi no Pork Jiru Udon Large (920 yen)" and taste it for ourselves.

The ingredients include pork, deep-fried tofu, cabbage, onion, burdock root, and carrot.

My impression of the udon is that it is hot, sticky, and firm, with a delicious wheat flavor.

The rich flavor of the special miso broth is slightly spicy thanks to the gochujang (red pepper paste) and white pepper.

The texture and the sweetness of the vegetables combined with the ingredients make it addictive and outstandingly satisfying.

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