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More Carbonara than you can imagine! A review of Matsuya's store exclusive "Thick Carbonara with Gorokorodoro Chicken".

On December 6, 2022, Matsuya started selling a store-only menu item, "Thick Carbonara with Thoroughly Cooked Chicken".

The dish consists of Gorokoro Chicken topped with a thick carbonara sauce made with granapadano cheese and eggs for a mild flavor.

The menu includes "Thick Carbonara with Gorokoro Chicken (780 yen)" and "Thick Carbonara with Gorokoro Chicken and Raw Vegetables Set (880 yen).

Four sizes of rice are offered at one price: small, medium, large, and extra large.

Please check the stores that sell the product on the Matsuya official website.

*70 stores as of December 6, 2022

Reference: Matsuya official website

We will order the "Thick Carbonara Rice with Gorokoro Chicken and Special Serving (780 yen)" and taste it for ourselves.

It is a combination of Gorokoro Chicken Carbonara, raw egg, egg separator, miso soup, and extra rice.

My impression of the chicken is that it is meaty and chewy, and you can feel the flavor of the ingredients.

The thick sauce with cheese and garlic stimulates the appetite, and the egg yolk is broken up to create a thick, mellow, addictive taste.

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