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A bowl of rice topped with a bowl of seafood and coarsely chopped tuna! My impression of Nakau's new menu "Tuna Tataki Donburi"

On December 22, 2022, Nakau began selling a limited-time menu item called "Tuna Tataki Donburi.

This bowl of rice topped with a bowl of seafood is a specialty of Nakao, and the coarse beating of the tuna brings out its flavor and deliciousness.

Source: Nakau's official website

The "Tuna Tataki Donburi" (Tuna Tataki Donburi, regular size, 690 yen) is ordered and tested.

It consists of a bowl of rice topped with tuna tataki, egg, green onion, chopped nori seaweed, and wasabi (Japanese horseradish).

The texture is sticky and you can feel the flavor of the tuna.

The egg has a gentle taste and the chopped nori has a nice flavor.

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