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Choco Frappe at McDonald's McCafé by Barista in Japan for less than $4.00

McDonald's is offering McCafé by Barista, a cozy café where customers can casually enjoy authentic, high-quality drinks and food in a limited number of stores.

In addition to the regular menu, participating stores offer cappuccinos, espressos, teas, frappes, smoothies, macaroons, cakes, and more.

This time, I will order the standard menu item, the Oreo Cookie Chocolate Frappe.

The Frappe is exquisitely bittersweet with chocolate flavor and cocoa, and is topped with whipped cream, Oreo cookies, and chocolate sauce for a rich taste.

The price is 470 yen for the medium size and 520 yen for the large size.

Reference: McDonald's official website

I took out an Oreo Cookie Choco Frappe M size (470 yen).

It is made with cocoa powder, chocolate flavor, milk, ice, chocolate sauce, Oreo cookie, and whipped cream.

The whipped cream tastes normal and delicious at room temperature, accented by the crunchy texture of the cocoa-flavored Oreo cookie.

When you drink the chocolate frappe, the rich taste of chocolate spreads out, it is quite sweet, and the crunchy texture of the ice is addictive.

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