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"Expensive? Cheap?" Review of "Yamakake Maguro Tataki-don", a standard seafood bowl available at Sukiya.

Sukiya offers a wide variety of attractive menu items, including beef bowls, pork bowls, curry, seafood bowls, set meals, breakfast, and desserts.

This time, we will order the "Yamakake Maguro Tataki Don, Normal size (740 yen)" and investigate its actual taste.

Reference: Sukiya official website

This is a combination of Tuna Tataki Donburi, Tororo (grated yam), and Wasabi.

My impression is that the tuna tataki has a smooth texture and is accented with crispy green onions.

Combined with the grated yam, it is fluffy and melting, a perfect match, and the flavor of the ingredients can be felt.

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