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Gyoza no Ousho recommends the set menu! Tenshinhan Set" with all the standard popular dishes is reviewed in person.

Gyoza no Ousho offers a variety of attractive menu items, making it difficult to decide what to order.

This time, we will order the set menu "Tenshinhan Set (1,098 yen)" and investigate the actual meal.

Since there are three kinds of sauce for Tenshindon (Tenshinhan) (sweet and sour sauce, salt sauce, and Kyoto-style sauce), I chose the sweet and sour sauce.

The meal consists of Tenshinhan, 1 serving (6 gyoza), 2 pieces of fried chicken, and soup.

The gyoza were crispy and savory on the surface, crispy and garlicky.

The tentsun rice is addictive with the gentle flavor of the fluffy egg, and the thick sweet-and-sour sauce goes well with the egg and rice.

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