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Starbucks' new Matcha Genmaicha Mochi Frappuccino was an excellent choice for tea lovers!

On December 26, 2022, Starbucks launched a new product, the Matcha Genmaicha Mochi Frappuccino.

This Frappuccino combines matcha and genmaicha with milk and the texture of mochi, creating a fusion of sweet, bittersweet, and savory flavors.

The Frappuccino is available in Tall size only, and the price is 678 yen for take-out and 690 yen for in-store.

The product will be available from December 26, 2022 to January 17, 2023.

Source: Starbucks official website

We will take out the "Matcha Genmaicha Mochi Frappuccino" and investigate its actual taste.

This Frappuccino is made with matcha genmaicha, baked rice cake, milk, ice, matcha mousse, whipped cream, and white chocolate powder.

The drink is cool and crispy, with a sticky texture of crushed baked rice cake.

The flavorful matcha-genmai-cha (green tea) has a strong bitterness and savory aroma.

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