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Ministop "Fully Ripe Apple Mango Parfait". An exquisite sweet from a Japanese convenience store.

On February 4, 2023, Ministop began selling a new product, "Fully Ripe Apple Mango Parfait.

The product uses Thai mangoes, which are known for their aromatic, rich flavor and dark orange color, and are slowly ripened after harvesting to maximize their sweetness and aroma.

The mango sauce is made into a rich, sweet and aromatic sauce.

The menu includes the "Fully Ripe Apple Mango Parfait (421 yen)" and the "Get More Apple Mango Parfait (635 yen)" with double the mango pulp.

Reference: Ministop official website

We will purchase the "Fully Ripe Apple Mango Parfait (421 yen)" at the store and investigate its actual taste.

*If you eat at the eat-in space, the price is 429 yen.

It is made with large pieces of mango pulp, mango sauce, and soft-serve ice cream vanilla.

The soft-serve vanilla is smooth, rich, and refreshingly sweet.

It goes well with the rich-tasting mango sauce.

The mango pulp is soft and juicy, with a ripe sweetness.

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