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At Matsuya in Japan, you can get beef yakiniku for less than $5.50.

Matsuya offers a variety of attractive menu items including beef rice, rice bowls, curry, set meals, lunch and breakfast.

Order the standard menu item, "Beef Yakiniku Set Meal and Rice Extra Large (690 yen).

The set meal and rice set comes in four sizes at one price: small, medium, large, and extra large.

Reference: Matsuya official website

It consists of grilled beef (about 8 slices), grated radish, green onion, salad, miso soup, and extra large rice.

When you eat the beef yakiniku, you will find the meat to be chewy, savory, and fatty.

Drizzled with the sweet sauce on the table, it is a delicious dish that stimulates the appetite.

Combined with grated daikon radish and ponzu vinegar, it is refreshing.

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