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In Japan, a set of oyakodon and udon noodles can be had for less than $5. Chain restaurant "Nakau"

Nakau offers a lunch menu (from 10:00 to 16:00).

Order the oyakodon with cold udon (550 yen).

The price of the oyako-don with cold udon (250 yen) and the regular bowl of oyako-don (490 yen) is 740 yen, a savings of 190 yen.

The "550 yen lunch" is a combination of our specialty oyakodon, chilled udon noodles with fried egg and green onion, and grated ginger.

The oyako donburi is a perfect combination of hot, tender chicken meat, the taste of the special egg, crispy onions, and the special soup stock with dashi broth.

The chilled udon noodles are cool, smooth, firm, refreshing, and simple, and accented with fried egg and green onion texture.

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