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McDonald's winter menu item, "Gracoro", is again a great dish this year, so eat it before it sells out!

From November 30, 2022, McDonald's has started to sell "Gracoro", a wintertime staple menu item.

Fans' long-awaited winter staple menu item will be available again this year for a limited time only.

This year, McDonald's has also prepared a new item, the "Fluffy Eggs Thick Demi Glacoro," which gently wraps the cold winter air with a fluffy egg.

Source: McDonald's official website

We investigate the "Gurakoro" by tasting it.

Gratin croquette with shrimp and macaroni, cabbage, and special sauce are combined and served in a fluffy bun, making it a wintertime staple.

Prices are 370 yen for an individual item, 670 yen for a set, 420 yen for an Asa Mac Combi, and 570 yen for an Asa Mac Value Set.

Source: McDonald's official website

Gratin croquette, cabbage, croquette sauce, and tamago sauce are sandwiched in a steamed bun.

My impression of the bun is that it is irresistible with its fluffy texture and crispy, creamy gratin croquette.

The rich egg sauce and the croquette sauce with its characteristic spicy flavor stimulate the appetite.

The crunchy texture of the cabbage and the delicious flavor of the shrimp and macaroni are also a nice touch.

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