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McDonald's Japan "Gohan Burger". New product with chicken sandwiched between rice.

On February 8, 2023, McDonald's began selling the new "Asian Gohan Yushon Chicken" and "Asian Gohan Sweet Chili Shrimp".

Available only at Night Mac (after 5 p.m.), the two types of "Gohan Burger" are available for a limited time.

This time, we will order the "Asian Gohan: Abura Gon Chicken".

The juicy chicken patty and yu-lingon chicken sauce are sandwiched in a newly developed Asian gohan bun with a hint of spicy oil, making it an addictive dish.

The price is 490 yen for an individual item and 790 yen for a set.

Reference: McDonald's official website

We took out the "Asian Gohan Yurin Chicken (490 yen)".

Chicken patty, lettuce, yu-gon chicken sauce, and sweet lemon sauce are sandwiched between Asian gohan buns.

When you eat it, you are impressed by the tender chicken with a crunchy batter, the sweet oil-toned chicken sauce, and the mild sweet lemon sauce, which also combines to make it rich.

Crisp lettuce accents the crispy texture, and the flavorful Asian rice bun makes for a great meal.

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