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Yoshinoya's breakfast menu is a bargain! Review of the "Asagyu Set," a combination of beef bowl, miso soup, and choice of a small bowl of cooked food

Yoshinoya offers a variety of attractive menu items, including beef bowl, pork bowl, beef rib bowl, curry, set meal, and breakfast.

This time, we will order the breakfast menu "Asagyu Set, Super Special (994 yen)," which is available from 4:00 to 11:00 a.m., and investigate the actual meal.

For the choice of a small bowl of rice (egg, half-boiled egg, mini salad, natto, oshinko, dashi supplement), we chose the oshinko.

If you order it separately, you save 141 yen because the total price is 1135 yen for the beef bowl, super special (921 yen), miso soup (74 yen), and oshinko (140 yen).

This is a combination of beef bowl, miso soup, and oshinko (pickles).

My impression is that the tender beef, the familiar taste of the special sauce soaked into the beef, the sweetness of the fatty meat, and the soft onions are addictive.

It is very satisfying, and you will find yourself eating more and more of it.

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