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Review of the "Shoyu Ramen Set," a set menu with a large portion and a great value.

The Ousho Gyoza Restaurant offers a variety of attractive menu items, making it difficult to decide what to order.

This time, we will introduce the "Shoyu Ramen Set (987 yen)," a value-priced set menu.

Shoyu ramen is a seafood-flavored soy sauce broth with noodles made from Hokkaido flour, topped with two slices of pork belly chashu pork, seasoned egg, green onion, and bamboo shoots.

Gyoza (dumplings) and just-sliced fried rice are also appetizing looking.

My impression of the soy sauce ramen is that the noodles are chewy with the flavor of wheat, and the light soy sauce broth is intertwined with them.

The gyoza has a crispy, savory surface and is well seasoned with garlic.

The just-size fried rice is crispy, filling, and deliciously particular.

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