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Sukiya's new menu item, "Shiraganegi Gyudon (beef bowl with shredded onion)," is now available!

Sukiya has launched new menu items, "Shiraga Negi Gyudon" and "Garlic Shiraga Negi Gyudon," on December 21, 2022.

The Shiraga Negi Gyudon (580 yen) is a new product featuring plenty of crunchy shiraga negi and Sukiya's special umami salt sauce scented with sesame oil.

The finishing touch of black pepper gives the dish a tangy finish.

The "Garlic Shiraga Negi Beef Bowl (640 yen)" combines the "Shiraga Negi Beef Bowl" with fried garlic.

Source: Sukiya's official website

We will order the "Shiraga Negi Gyudon, regular size (580 yen)" and investigate its actual taste.

The beef bowl is topped with a generous amount of shiraga-negi onions, topped with umami salt sauce and black pepper.

The texture is crunchy and flavorful, and the umami salt sauce with sesame oil stimulates the appetite.

The tangy black pepper accents go well with red ginger and shichimi (seven spice) chili peppers.

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