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Gyoza no Ousho "Pork Shoyu Ramen". A cheap and tasty Chinese restaurant chain in Japan.

Every month, "Gyoza no Ousho" offers an attractive monthly menu.

This time, we will order the February 2023 limited menu "Pork Trotter Ramen (750 yen)".

This "New Soki Soba" has a thick, soy sauce-flavored thick soup that goes well with the thick noodles, which are infused with the delicious flavor of the pork belly cartilage that has an addictive texture.

Reference: Gyoza no Ousho official website

It is colorful and hearty, and its savory aroma whets the appetite.

Ingredients are pork rib cartilage stewed in a thick broth, bean sprouts, chives, and red ginger.

The hot, thick noodles are firm and chewy, and you can taste the flavor of wheat.

The soy-sauce flavored soup with ginger is warming and wholesome.

The pork belly cartilage is tender, plump, fatty, and rich.

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