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The gyoza set meal at "Gyoza no Ohsho" is exquisite, popular store in Japan

"Gyoza no Ohsho" has an attractive menu, so it's hard to decide what to order.

This time, we will order the set menu "Gyoza set meal (891 yen)" and "Change to garlic-free ginger gyoza (free)" and check the actual taste.

Garlic zero ginger gyoza uses about twice as much ginger as regular gyoza and does not use garlic at all.

A combination of garlic-free ginger gyoza dumplings for 2 people (12 pieces), rice, soup, and kimchi.

When you eat garlic-free ginger gyoza, the surface is crispy and crunchy.

Even without using garlic, there is enough satisfaction as gyoza.

Combined with rice, it's a delicious meal that stimulates your appetite.

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