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Matsuya's new "udon" breakfast! A review of the morning meal with juicy broth!

On November 29, 2022, Matsuya will start selling a limited menu item, "Meat Udon with plenty of green onions" at its stores.

It is heaped with meat from Matsuya's signature "Beef Meal" and the soup is made with Matsuya's original dashi soup stock based on meat sucking to give it a juicy flavor.

The menu includes "Negi Plenty Meat Udon (580 yen)," "Negi Plenty Kakitama Meat Udon (630 yen)," "Negi Plenty Meat Udon Rice Set (630 yen)," "Negi Plenty Kakitama Meat Udon Rice Set (680 yen)," "Mini Udon (190 yen)" and "Morning Udon (380 yen)". Udon (380 yen) are available.

Please check the stores selling these items on the Matsuya official website.

As of November 29, 2022, there are 353 stores.

Reference: Matsuya official website

This time, we will investigate the "Morning Udon" (380 yen).

The breakfast menu is available from 5:00 to 11:00.

Udon noodles are served in a special soup based on meat soup and garnished with green onions.

My impression of the dish is that the hot, glutinous texture and firm udon noodles warm you up in the special soup with the delicious taste of dashi broth.

The crispy green onions add a rich flavor.

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