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ikinari steak now offers tonteki bento for takeout and delivery only! Review of the new "Tonteki Jyu" in person.

On November 28, 2022, Ikinari Steak began selling a new menu item called "Tonteki Jyu".

This tonteki stacked with tonteki is made with a special miso-based sauce that gives it a rich flavor.

It is processed by injecting beef fat and other ingredients to give it a juicy and tender texture.

The menu is limited to takeout and delivery, and quantities are limited.

The price is 1100 yen for takeout and 1300 yen for delivery. Delivery is available only through Uber Eats and Delivery Kan.

Reference: Ikinari Steak official website

We will take out the Tonteki Juu (1,100 yen) and investigate the actual meal.

Since a large serving of rice is free, we asked for a large serving.

The rice is topped with tonteki, garlic chips, and broccoli.

My impression is that the tonteki is soft and tender, and the sweet and spicy sauce soaks into it well.

The combination of the tasty sauce and the sauce itself is a delicious dish that stimulates the appetite.

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