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Review of "Gomoku Ankake Ramen," the No. 1 monthly menu item sold by Osho Gyoza

We investigate the "Gomoku Ankake Ramen" (700 yen), a limited menu item for December 2022 and January 2023.

No. 1 on the monthly menu in terms of sales volume, this dish is accented with chopped ginger and features a warm, thick soup with the richness of oyster sauce and the flavor of seafood broth.

Reference: Gyoza no Ousho official website

The ramen noodles in a rich and delicious broth are generously topped with a rich and hearty five-meat starchy sauce, and the aroma of ginger whets the appetite.

Ingredients include ginger, shiitake mushrooms, kikurage, cabbage, carrots, qinggengcai, quail, shrimp, and pork.

My impression of the noodles is that they are hot and chewy, with a delicious wheat flavor, and the starchy sauce goes well with them.

The combination of ingredients is excellent for eating, the soft pork and sweet vegetables are addictive, and the flavorful ginger is refreshing and warming.

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