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Japanese Starbucks New Dessert "Fondant Chocolat Frappuccino"

On January 18, 2023, Starbucks in Japan released a new product "Fondant Chocolat Frappuccino".

Frappuccino where you can enjoy the flavor of gateau chocolate, which is a blend of dark mocha powder, milk, and ice in the original gateau chocolate.

The size is tall size only, and the price is 678 yen for takeout and 690 yen for store.

The sales period is from January 18, 2023 to February 14, 2023.

Source Starbucks Coffee Official Site

I took out "Fondant Chocolat Frappuccino".

A frappuccino made with gateau chocolate, dark mocha powder, milk, ice, baked chocolate sauce, whipped cream, gateau chocolate crumbs, etc.

Whipped cream has a light texture and richness, and goes well with moist gateau chocolate crumbs.

If you drink it with a paper straw, it will be cool and crunchy, and the baked chocolate sauce at the bottom of the cup will give you a rich flavor.

The dark mocha powder and milk give it a nice aftertaste and an elegant feel.

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