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Marugame Seimen's classic "Kamatama Udon" is a delicious combination of boiled noodles and raw egg!

Sanuki Kama-age Udon Marugame Seimen offers a variety of attractive menu items, including kake, bukkake, shoyu, colander, kamatama, kama-age, and curry udon.

This time, we will order the classic "Large Kama-age Udon (580 yen)" and investigate its actual taste.

The "Large portion of Kamatama Udon" consists of freshly boiled udon topped with a raw egg.

The texture of the udon is hot and chewy, and you can feel the flavor of the ingredients.

The raw egg is well mixed in with the udon, and the thick white and mild, rich yolk is irresistible.

Dashi-shoyu (dashi soy sauce) on the table adds to the flavorful umami.

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