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Cheap takeout at Saizeriya! Review of 100% beef hamburger steak (390 yen)

Saizeriya is a family restaurant with inexpensive, delicious, and Italian menu items.

This time, we will investigate the take-out menu "Hamburger Steak (390 yen)" in person.

The in-store price is 400 yen, so take-out is 10 yen cheaper.

Reference: Saizeriya official website

It is a combination of hamburger steak, half-boiled egg, potato, and corn.

The 100% beef hamburger steak, which has a high beef ratio with a minimum of connective tissue, is topped with an original soy sauce-based sauce.

The hamburger steak is chewy with a firm meaty texture, and the flavor of the beef is irresistible.

The soy sauce-based sauce also stimulates the appetite.

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