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Hotto Motto now offers a luxurious Western-style menu! A hands-on review of the new "Hamburger Steak & Crab Cream Croquette Bento

On December 8, 2022, Hotto Motto began nationwide sales of the limited-time menu items "Hamburger Steak & Crab Cream Croquette Bento" and "Hamburger Steak & Cut Steak Bento".

These are slightly luxurious Western-style menus featuring the popular hamburger steak and a variety of gorgeous side dishes.

Reference: Hotto Motto's official website

Order the "Hamburger Steak & Crab Cream Croquette Bento (890 yen)" to investigate the actual meal.

The container is divided into rice and side dishes, and comes with fry sauce.

Upon opening the package, you will find a hamburger steak, crab cream croquette, fried shrimp, French fries, pickles, potato salad, and rice.

My impression of the crispy and creamy crab cream croquette is that it is made with Japanese red snow crab meat and has a delicious melt-in-your-mouth flavor.

The thick hamburger steak is soft and slightly juicy, and combined with the demi-glace sauce, it has a rich flavor.

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