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Hanamaru Udon's Sukiyaki Style is Excellent! Review of "Beef Sukiyaki Bukkake" for a limited time only!

Hanamaru Udon began selling a limited-time menu item, "Beef Sukiyaki Bukkake," on December 8, 2022.

Warm udon noodles with a sticky texture, topped with a dipping sauce made from a proprietary blend of dried sardines, mackerel flakes, dried bonito flakes, and kelp, are topped with a generous portion of beef cooked sweet and spicy like sukiyaki, Chinese cabbage with the flavor of beef spread throughout, and a half-boiled egg topping.

The menu includes "Beef Suki Bukkake (small 690 yen, medium 820 yen, large 970 yen)" and "Double portion Beef Suki Bukkake, small (890 yen, medium 1020 yen, large 1170 yen)" with double the meat.

*The quantity of udon is 1 small, 2 medium, or 3 large balls.

Source: Hanamaru Udon official website

We will order the "Beef sukiyaki bukkake, small (690 yen)" for our investigation.

Udon noodles are topped with beef, Chinese cabbage, half-boiled egg, and green onion.

The texture of the udon is smooth and glutinous, and the sukiyaki-flavored dipping broth combines with the udon to create an outstanding taste.

The beef is slightly dark, sweet and spicy, and the flavor of the beef and the sweetness of the fat are irresistible.

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