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Yoshinoya is now test-marketing Beef Kimchi Kuppa! My impressions of the store's limited menu

Yoshinoya is selling "Beef Kimchi Kuppa" and "Beef Bibimbap" in stores only and for a limited time.

They will be available from November 2022, but information about the store limited menu (test sales) is not listed on Yoshinoya's official website.

The stores that sell the menu have menu photos on their store shelves.

We will order the "Beef Kimchi Kuppa, medium portion (657 yen)" for our investigation.

It is served with rice in a deliciously spicy broth, beef, kimchi, namul, green onions, etc., and comes with a half-boiled egg.

My impression of the dish is that the hot, spicy, umami well-flavored soup and rice combine to create an addictive taste.

The beef, which is familiar to us with its moderate tenderness, is also included in the dish and is very satisfying.

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