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Ikinari Steak] Impression of a hamburger steak full of gravy with demi-glace sauce.

Ikinari Steak" offers a variety of attractive menu items such as steaks, hamburgers, and chicken steaks.

This time, we will order the standard menu item "Wild Hamburger Steak 300g (1,190 yen)" and investigate its actual taste.

With a choice of four sauces (onion sauce, cheese sauce, grated ponzu, and demi-glace sauce), we opted for the demi-glace sauce.

It is served with 300 g of thick wild hamburger steak, demi-glace sauce, and garnish (corn, carrot, and broccoli).

The hamburger is served raw inside, so be careful not to let the oil splash on the hamburger, and cook it thoroughly by placing the cut end against the griddle.

My impression of the hamburger is that it is crispy and juicy, with enough flavor as it is, and a little tangy from the undercooked black pepper.

The demi-glace sauce is mild and simple.

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