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The most exuberant beef bowl at Sukiya, the "Charcoal Grilled Hollow Chicken Beef Bowl," was outstanding in taste!

Sukiya offers a wide variety of attractive menu items, including beef bowls, pork bowls, curry, seafood bowls, set meals, breakfast, and desserts.

This time, we will order the Charcoal Grilled Horohoro Chicken Gyudon, Normal size (720 yen) and investigate the actual meal.

Reference: Sukiya official website

The beef bowl is topped with a large bone-in chicken and red onion with sweet and sour sauce.

My impression of the chicken is that it is tender and tender, with a moderately seasoned curry flavor.

Combined with the beef bowl, it is excellent to eat, and the familiar beef flavor and the sweetness of the wilted onions are also irresistible.

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