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Luxurious!" "White starchy sauce! Review of Nakau's Crab Oyako-don with Snow Crab

On December 27, 2022, Nakau began selling a limited-time menu item called "oyakodon with crab ankake.

This new product combines fluffy crab ankake with Nakaudo's signature fluffy "oyako-don" (chicken and egg bowl), which is made with red snow crab and other ingredients.

Reference: Nakau official website

We will order a bowl of oyako-don with crab ankake (650 yen) and taste it for ourselves.

This premium oyakodon combines chicken and onions with a special egg and a generous amount of crab ankake.

The chicken is hot, tender, and tender, and the egg is rich with dashi broth.

The combination with the crab ankake makes for a luxurious taste experience.

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