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Hidakaya has an extensive snack menu! You can also enjoy set meal style with rice set.

The low-priced ramen and Chinese food chain "Ardent Chinese Restaurant Hidakaya" has stores in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Ibaraki, and Tochigi prefectures.

We will order the snack menu "Negi Chashu (330 yen)", "Kimchi Yakitori (300 yen)", and "Rice Set (180 yen)" to investigate the actual meal.

The "Negi Chashu Set Meal" is a combination of green onion, chashu pork, mustard, kimchi, cold tofu, pickles, soup, and rice.

My impression of the green onion chashu is that the crispy texture and flavor of the green onion is impressive, and the chashu is tender and sweetly seasoned.

The kimchi yakitori is a cold, healthy, cold tofu with spicy kimchi.

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