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Matsuya "Green onion salted pork yakiniku bowl, small serving ($4.3)". Japanese restaurant

From January 17, 2023, Matsuya in Japan has started selling "small servings" of the popular menu "Negi Negi Shio Pork Yakiniku Don".

Source: Matsuya official website

I ordered "Green onion salted pork yakiniku bowl, small serving (560 yen)".

Green onions are placed on top of pork yakiniku, and topped with green onions, yuzu, sesame oil, and other negi sauce.

When you eat it, the crunchy texture of the green onion is impressive, and the thin pork yakiniku is just the right amount of softness and fragrant.

The green onion salt sauce with sesame oil stimulates your appetite, and the yuzu flavor accents the texture and fragrant umami.

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