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Marugame Udon"Ankake udon with meat and egg". Popular new products in Japan

On January 24, 2023, Japan's "Marugame Udon" started selling a new product "Nikugasane Tamagoankake Udon".

It's a bowl of springy udon noodles, slightly sweetened beef and egg sauce, and minced minced chicken and pork seasoned with ginger.

Source: Marugame Udon Official Website

"Nikugasane Tamagoankake Udon・namimori (690 yen)" will be ordered.

It is made with fresh udon noodles, egg sauce, beef, and soboro.

When you eat udon, it has a springy and chewy texture, and you can feel the umami of the ingredients.

The mildly flavored egg ankake is often entwined, and the sweetness of the tender beef is addictive.

Soboro is salty-sweet and ginger is effective.

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