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Cheap set meals at Marugame Udon. Delicious Udon Restaurant in Japan

Marugame Udon offers a variety of attractive menu items such as kake, bukkake, shoyu, colander, kamatama, kama-age, and curry udon.

This time, we will order the set menu "Chicken Meal Set Meal (580 yen)" to investigate the actual meal.

The udon noodles are served cold with a choice of kake, bukkake, or zaru (colander).

The chicken rice set meal (290 yen) and bukkake udon (360 yen) cost a total of 650 yen, which is a savings of 70 yen.

The "Chicken Rice Set Meal" is a simple combination of chicken rice and cold bukkake udon noodles.

When you eat the udon, it is cold, smooth, and has a firm texture.

It is chewy, with a good taste of the ingredients, and goes down your throat nicely.

The chicken rice is warm and has a reassuring taste with dashi broth.

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