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Japan's dynamic sukiyaki. Popular chain restaurant "Katsuya"

Katsuya has launched a new product, "Beef Sukiyaki with Chicken Cutlet" on February 10, 2023.

Beef Sukiyaki and Chicken Cutlet Ai-zaka" is a combination of beef sukiyaki and chicken cutlet, a dish synonymous with winter meat stew, and is now available for the first time in five years for a limited time.

The combination of crispy battered chicken cutlet and egg offers a change in flavor.

The menu includes the "Beef Sukiyaki and Chicken Cutlet Aged Rice Bowl (858 yen)" and the "Beef Sukiyaki and Chicken Cutlet Aged Set Meal (968 yen)".

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Head to the restaurant and order the "Beef Sukiyaki and Chicken Cutlet Combination Set Meal (968 yen).

It is a hearty dish of beef sukiyaki, chicken cutlet, egg, shirataki mushrooms, and green onions served in an iron pot.

The tonjiru soup contains pork, daikon radish, carrots, konnyaku, and green onions.

Beef sukiyaki with egg is thick and mild, moderately chewy, and the sweetness and beefy flavor stimulate the appetite.

The chicken cutlet is hot, crispy and juicy, well soaked in sweetened sauce, and a little lumpy overall.

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