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Gyoza no Ousho "Ham and Egg Stir-Fry". Japan's finest gourmet.

On February 10, 2023, "Gyoza no Ousho" began selling a new product, "Luxurious Stir-Fried Rich Roast Ham and Nira Tamago".

A collaboration with Nippon Ham, this premium leek ball stir-fry uses "Rich Roast Ham," a one-rank higher premium roast ham, in a luxurious way, allowing customers to enjoy the mild flavor of the rich roast ham and the texture of the softly cooked egg and leek.

The menu includes a single item for 640 yen and a set of 3 gyoza, rice and soup for 970 yen.

Reference: Gyoza no Ousho official website

Order the "Luxurious Stir-Fried Rich Loin Ham and Chives with Eggs (640 yen)".

Roast ham, egg, chives, onions, and kikurage mushrooms are mixed with rich soy sauce.

When you eat it, you will be impressed by the smokiness and mild flavor of the slightly thicker loin ham and the gentle taste of the fluffy egg.

The crunchy texture of the chives and the garlic-infused rich soy sauce sauce will stimulate your appetite.

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