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Yayoiken "Meat Tofu and Croquette Set Meal" for under $7. Popular Japanese teishoku chain restaurants

On February 2, 2023, Yayoiken launched new products, "~Pork Belly Nankotsu~ Delicious Tororo Meat Tofu and Grilled Fish Set Meal (990 yen)" and "~Pork Belly Nankotsu~ Delicious Tororo Meat Tofu and Croquette Set Meal (890 yen)".

The meat and tofu set meal features the popular Kagoshima-style tender pork belly "nankotsu" (pork belly) stewed with gobo (burdock root) and konnyaku (konnyaku) in a soy sauce-based sauce and deep-fried tofu.

For accompaniments, grilled mackerel or croquettes are available.

Reference: Yayoiken official website

Order the ~Pork Belly Nankotsu~ Deliciously Tender Meat Tofu and Croquette Set Meal (890 yen).

It is a hearty combination of meat tofu with simmered pork belly cartilage, beef potato croquette, salad, pickles, miso soup, and rice.

Yayoiken's set meal menu allows for free refills of rice.

The pork belly with a tender and rich flavor, and the sweet soy sauce-based sauce will stimulate your appetite.

The fried tofu is crispy and hot on the surface, and you can feel the flavor of the ingredients.

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