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New McDonald's "New Samurai Mac: Japanese-style barbecue egg and thick beef, single item (500 yen)

On January 4, 2023, McDonald's started to sell "New Samurai Mac", a limited-time menu item.

Two new items, "Japanese Barbecue Egg Meat Thick Beef" and "Garlic Zakkuri Potato Meat Thick Beef" will appear on the "Samurai Mac" menu, which pursues a satisfying eating experience for adults.

Reference: McDonald's official website

This time, we will investigate the "Japanese Style Barbecue Egg Meat Thick Beef".

This dish is a perfect balance of thick 100% beef, plump egg, lettuce, pickles and special Japanese-style barbecue sauce.

Prices are 500 yen for an individual dish and 800 yen for a set.

Thick, hearty, and attractive looking.

A 100% beef patty, egg, lettuce, pickles, cheddar slices, and Japanese-style barbecue sauce are sandwiched in a bun made with keshi nuts.

My impression after eating it is that it is meaty and savory, the egg is plump, the lettuce is crispy, and the smoky, tangy barbecue sauce is impressive.

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