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Filled with luxurious cream, Lawson convenience store in Japan Cheap roll cakes

On February 13, 2023, Lawson launched a new product, "Too Much! Premium Roll Cake (167 yen).

This roll cake is made with fresh Hokkaido cream and whipped cream to create a perfect balance of milkiness and a refreshing aftertaste.

Compared to the standard "Premium Roll Cake" product, the total weight has been increased 1.47 times or 47%.

When opened, the cake is contained in a container that prevents it from losing its shape.

The sponge dough is filled with a special cream richly blended with fresh Hokkaido cream.

When you eat the cream, you will feel the richness of milk in your mouth with a dense texture and a clean aftertaste.

The sponge dough is soft and fluffy, with a gentle sweetness, and the cream combines with the sponge dough to create a pleasantly smooth texture.

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