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A real yakitori donburi...! A review of Nakau's limited-time Charcoal Yakitori Bowl, a luxurious way to enjoy chicken.

On December 1, 2022, Nakau began selling a limited-time menu item called "Charcoal Grilled Chicken Stacks.

This sumptuous layered dish consists of charcoal-grilled chicken thigh meat, chicken soboro, and a broiled egg made with a special egg, and is served with chicken dumpling soup.

The chicken dango soup, which includes two pieces of tsukune, is made from a combination of rich chicken soup stock and Nakau's signature dashi (soup stock).

The price is 790 yen for a bowl of rice and 860 yen for a large bowl of rice.

Source: Nakau's official website

The following is a sample of the "Charcoal Grilled Chicken Stacks" (790 yen).

The rice is topped with chicken thigh meat, chicken sobaro, egg, green onion, sesame seeds, and chopped nori seaweed.

My impression of the yakitori is that it is moderately tender, and the aroma of the charcoal grill and the sweet sauce stimulate the appetite.

The chicken thigh meat is delicious, and the texture of the green onion accentuates the flavor, making it a great meal to eat with rice.

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