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A new bold bowl of Miso Katsu Katsu-don is now available at Katsuya! Review of "Miso Tamakatsu Donburi" (Miso Pork Cutlet Bowl) for a limited time only!

From December 14, 2022, Katsuya has started selling "Miso Tamakatsu-don" and "Miso Tarukatsu-don" on its limited time menu.

You can choose between two different miso-tamakatsu bowls, depending on your mood: a thick miso-covered cutlet topped with a thick egg or a crispy green onion and a generous amount of tartar.

We ordered the Miso Tamakatsu Donburi (715 yen) to investigate.

It consists of miso cutlet, egg, and cabbage on a bed of rice.

The texture is crispy and tender, the batter is soaked in miso sauce, and the rich, deep, sweet flavor is addictive.

The egg is intertwined with the batter, making it thick and mellow, a perfect match.

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