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Matsuya Beef Curry is back! It was full of beef flavor, spicy and excellent!

Starting January 4, 2023, Matsuya has revived and started selling a new menu item, Matsuya Beef Curry.

The "Founding Beef Curry," created in 2019, has been redesigned using plenty of beef and features a rich flavor with a fresh spicy taste that is followed by the delicious taste of slow-cooked beef belly.

Reference: Matsuya official website

We ordered the "Matsuya Beef Curry - Large portion (740 yen)" for our investigation.

My impression is that it is hot and spicy, and the flavor of the generous amount of tender beef ribs is impressive.

The spicy and filling sauce is addictive, slightly thick, and the spiciness is somewhere between medium and hot.

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