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Salt ramen at 7-Eleven convenience store in Japan for less than $4

On February 8, 2023, 7-Eleven launched a new product, "Vegetable Tasting Tamen" (507 yen).

It is a lightly salted tanmen with a half-day's worth of vegetables.

The product is available in Miyagi, Yamagata, Fukushima, Kanto, Shizuoka, Tottori, Shimane, Okayama, and Hiroshima prefectures.

When heated in a microwave oven and opened, it is made of noodles, cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, komatsuna (Japanese mustard greens), and salt-flavored soup.

It is full of vegetables and hearty.

When you eat the noodles, they are hot and chewy, slightly chunky and soft, and you can feel the flavor of the noodles themselves.

The light salty soup is thin.

The crunchy texture and sweetness of the vegetables combined with the vegetables are addictive.

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